Orientamento - European Classical Lyceum



The EUROPEAN CLASSICAL LYCEUM (ECL), inspired by articles 126-127-128 of the Maastricht Treaty, implements a "European" dimension of teaching by spreading the languages ​​of the member states to improve knowledge of the culture and history of European peoples.

It lasts five years and allows the achievement of the classical high school diploma.

Compared to the traditional classical high school, the ECL curriculum includes:

  • unification of Greek and Latin in a single subject (Classical languages ​​and literatures);
  • study of two foreign European languages ​​(English and Spanish);
  • strengthening of scientific disciplines;
  • study of Economics and Law;
  • study of Geography for the entire five-year period;
  • study of the Art History for the entire five-year period;
  • four curricular subjects conveyed in the second language through CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Teaching) methodology from the first year;
  • didactic organization of classes with workshops and lectorates of ENGLISH and SPANISH mother tongue.

Organization of School Time

For all disciplines there are "frontal lessons" and "cultural laboratory activities" in which the students, guided by the teacher or the Conversation teacher of European mother tongue, experience what they have been learning previously. The laboratory is also the right place for the personalization of courses both through support and recovery activities for students with learning difficulties and through the enhancement of excellence.

The English and Spanish conversation teachers are responsible for conversation activities with and between students, in co-presence with the foreign language teacher, both in the curricular activities and in the supplementary ones of the curriculum.

Language certifications:

Cambridge English Assessment level B1 at the end of the second year

Cambridge English Assessment level B2 at the end of the fourth year

EIPASS IT certifications